Sunday, April 26, 2009


I decided to make another youtube account so that i would get motivated to post videos and ish on here and on myspace or wherever else i feel like posting them. I’m in love with the cute little screen name i came up with so i’ve decided to change the name of my blog to it. Plus i don’t really feel like the old title goes with me or my personality anymore since i feel like i’m finding out who i am more and more everyday. pinkyystatus! It was completely random and i came up with it out of the blue haha but it sounds kinda funky, atleast i think so, AND i’m pretty much going to call myself that from now on when i’m not using my actual nickname. Plus, my favorite color is pink so it all works out perfectly. I had pretty much had pinky on my myspace for a little while so pinkyystatus came from that.

What sucks is that my channel/page/ profile whatever you want to call it is pretty much bald. I have not friends, of course i’m not gonna have any friends or subscribers cause i just made this new one but i want friends! Haha, i need new friends on myspace too but that’s a different story.

Damnit, i just noticed that sometimes when i’m typing really fast and don’t reread what i have already written there is a lot missing. Haha that kind of rhymed. But no i mean like i have a few missing words. I guess i’m just thinking faster than i can type. It’s really annoying though when i go back to it and what i wrote looks like it doesn’t even make sense and i have to fix it. BLAH!

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