Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why do our ways have to be so complicated.

I was reading somebody’s blog and it was funny cause what they said actually applied to me too. When my brother was in this hospital and i was the only one home during the day my independence kicked and i was the one cooking, cleaning, and doing pretty much everything there was to do in the house. Well, except pay the bills, but i pretty much act like i’m living on my own. When i’m on my own i get things done faster and i’m more productive. I think i do better living on my own rather than living with people. Living with my family, especially when they’re all home i feel like i’m lazy and i get distracted easily. When i was by myself i was waking up really early on my own and when my family is home sometimes i feel like it’s so hard to wake up early. When they’re home i feel like i just need to worry about myself and cleaning my OWN room instead of the house because i don’t make any of the messes. When they’re not home i play independent and when they are i play the daughter. I complicate the hell outta myself sometimes.

Anyways, it’s soo hot outside. I’ll probably take a picture later after i give Chico a bath because i know his tummy is upset because of the heat so it’ll make him feel better. This kind of weather makes me miss Puerto Rico beaches. I can’t wait till the day i move to Florida and take Chico with me. I know he’ll love the weather and enjoy the pretty beaches since he’s never really been to one. I know i’m gonna love living on my own, sitting outside sipping on some pina coladas.. haha even though it won’t be like that at all but i like to day dream. I think Chico deserves a vacation just as much as i do.

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