Monday, April 27, 2009

Not what i expected.

I’m so freaking mad right now. I gave my dog a bath yesterday and not only him but our two other dogs as huge and fat as they are and i was tired after that. Today i just wanted to relax and enjoy the weather and stay cool inside the house. No, i couldn’t do that at all i had to hurry up and get dressed after i had just woke up. I had to get insulted and yelled at because i didn’t get ready in five minutes like my dad wanted me too, excuse me for being a girl and having to do my hair cause it was a mess. Then we had to pick this freaking heavy ass wheelchair and put it in his truck because he didn’t want to use the van. So we had to break our back to pick it up while he was there looking pretty because we had to use more force than he did. After all that crap he couldn’t even buy us water ice because it was so effing hot! We could have just stayed in the house and be cool cause it wasn’t our responsibility to take that chair over to the store to sell it in the first place. UGHHHHH. i was soo mad!


A picture of my precious doggie.

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