Monday, April 6, 2009


This is probably going to be an extremely short post but i just have to let something out.

To whom it may concern,

I’m very surprised at the fact that you’d leave me a comment on Myspace saying hey i miss you. If you missed me so much you would take at least five minutes out of your “busy” schedule to just call me and say hi. The fact that you have time to call boys or call the party line just puzzles me. The only time you call me is to tell me something that might have happened or to ask me to go with you to meet this “guy” you have been talking to for a while. I honestly don’t want to meet this  person and i honestly don’t want to go with you. Why should i accompany you so that you can spend your time with him and leave me to spend time with myself. I could easily just go to the mall or to dinner by myself. If you really missed me and really were too busy to call you could have sent me a message on myspace two months ago. You knew that my brother was in the hospital and you knew that i was going through a lot but you couldn’t even call me to see if i was okay or to see how i was doing. I have known you for the longest and you have never been there for me when i needed you. I always made sure i was there if you ever needed me but i obviously am not a valued friend so i really don’t care wether you need me anymore or not. If you’re looking for me in the future know that i’m not someone you can count on anymore. You will probably never realize that you actually did something and i won’t call it to your attention because i feel like it isn’t worth it but if you ever ask me why i don’t talk to you i will let you know. I hope that life brings you joy and you succeed in whatever it is that you choose to do. Our friendship has diminished. You will probably never need me and you probably will never really miss me but you will realize that i was a good friend and you took me for granted.

sincerely, Keyla

That feels much better. I might elaborate on this whole little letter thing later if i feel like it.

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