Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tomorrow is doomsday, at least i think it is.

Tomorrow is the day my mom gets married to my dad after eighteen long years. I’m not really excited about it because i don’t think he deserves her, better yet i know he doesn’t deserve her. I knew this day was important to my mom so i was helping her pick out something to wear and picking out something for my dad so he wouldn’t look like a complete idiot. Even though they are getting married through the court system it means something to her. My mom never got married so the fact that she is getting married means the world to her. But no, my dad being the big old selfish fugly ass hole that he is has to start getting angry and saying he doesn’t care because it’s not a big thing anyways. He wants to wear whatever the hell he wants to wear because this day to him is not important what so ever. He stated that he either dresses the way he wants to get married or they don’t get married at all. No one really knows how much i wanted to shove something down his throat so bad when he said that. Never in my life did i imagine that someone could be that selfish. He doesn’t even want me to take any pictures because he doesn’t feel like this moment is important enough to be captured in a photograph.

Not only am i pissed at that but ex best friend, i’ll call her H for specific reasons, finally decides to ask me if i’m all right and if everything is alright in my house. Wtf! Now you want to ask me when you should pretty much know yourself anyways! Forget it i’d rather act like nothing is wrong. I won’t tell you anything at all because talking to you is like talking to a brick fucking wall.

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