Saturday, April 4, 2009

On hold.

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Being 17 really sucks if you don’t have a job. Unfortunately i have to put my life on hold because apparently other peoples problems are more important right now so there is no time for me to go out looking for a job. I’ve been 17 for more than a month and i still haven’t been able to go get my permit. I guess the key to it all is that i have to make my own time. If no one will accompany me i’ll just have to go out and get it for myself. Well the permit part might have to wait because i have to have a parent with me ..ugh. Stupid rules and laws in America.

Job should really be my main priority though but i hold myself back. I think i’m a little scared because i’ve never had a job before but it shouldn’t matter. I know that after i spend my first day at a job it’ll be like nothing. I worry too much about how things will be and what will happen instead of just letting whatever needs to happen happen. Getting a job right now just might be the most amazing thing that could happen to me right NOW. The pros of having a job:



-meet new people


Haha, i said money twice but that’s probably the best part about having a job. I could buy myself whatever the hell i want and i’d love it. Plus having more money is the key to having freedom because where the hell can you go with no money AND no car? Yeh, no very far! The only thing is that i do not i repeat do NOT want to work at a fast food joint. I know that i’m not cut out for it. Not cause i’m not a people person but because you have to be really fast paced at it and i would get really screwed up. I’d rather work at a clothing store or something. You don’t really have to deal with people too much and you don’t have to be cramped in a really small space like fast food restaurants. But first before i even think about having a job i need to get my effing physical. Trying to make an appointment to get my physical will be more like a mission! Stupid doctor’s office is never open when i need it to be open and i hate that damn doctor wtf.

Ugh, but that’s a completely different story!

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