Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ya buggin' what, ya buggin' who, ya buggin' me & dontcha see it ain't cool.

UGHHHHHHHH! WTF! People just don't get the hint these days. Like seriously, why are you callin' me 5 times a day? Obviously i'm either busy or just DON'T wanna talk to you right now .. can't you take the hint? That's just one thing that gets on my nerves soo bad! I mean don't get me wrong in some ways this dude is real cool but when i don't answer the phone or get back to him every day he tries to act like my dad. Who the fuck are you? I definitely should not but cursing this much but it angers me ..what makes you think that i need to report to you everyday when 1. we do not go together! and 2. i have not shown you any interest as far as the relationship department goes. I have only just met this dude and i'm not one to just rush into something serious. I know who sparks my interest and who doesn't and he only sparks my interest as a friend and i have already stated that to this person. If you were someone that was confident in yourself you would know that you should not be callin' that much and you would play it cool and safe. Apparently this dude didn't get the memo and i would hate to have to be the one to let him know that he has no game ..or maybe i should say that he needs to work on it. I've had someone be like that before and i think he didn't have any confidence at all and he was just a straight up punk ..that's not my type of guy. For me insecurity and just straight up being on my shit is a HUGE turn off for me. I don't like when a guy just automatically thinks that i shouldn't talk to people or i always have to let him know where i'm going because he assumes that we're dating or in a comitment.

I'm a very outspoken person and no matter what it is i will let you know if i like you as a potential or just a friend. Sometimes i think i'm a little too blunt and even if i don't mean it in that way the things i say can come off kind of rude. I just feel like sometimes you have to be rude for people to understand something because they just act like they don't know what you're talking about..

I personally don't want to be in a relationship right now ..whenever a guy asks me how come i don't have a boyfriend blah blah blah i tell them that i'm single by choice. I don't want to be in a relationship right now because i feel like i need to focus more on myself and having a boyfriend would just get in the way of my priorities. However, i don't want to be friends with you if i think you're worthy of that and maybe see how i feel or how it goes along the line.

I'm usually good at telling the type of person you are when i first meet you but i still need time to feel you out and see if we're on the same level. I don't think i'm better than anyone but honestly a lot of people aren't on my level when it comes to priorities and goals in life. I'm attracted to dudes that are a couple years older than me because most of them have their head straight and they have something going for themselves but it doesn't mean that i can't find someone my age that is like that.

..okay now i'm going to a whole different subject so i'll just shutup! I just have strong opinions when it comes to these type of topics.

Shoot me for having my own mind..

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