Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm a dinasaur so like, rarw! & stuff.

Listening to my ipod like i usually always do in lala land somewhere. This whole weekend has been like the ultimate torture for me. Damn it, if only magic were real i could transport myself to anywhere in the world ..oh the many places i would go! haha a new place every damn day. Who cares about work, if i had magic i would be a freakin' millionaire! I wouldn't really pay too much attention to the money though because i'm not materialistic.

Haha speaking of materialistic, some guy was talking to me yesterday and he was saying that he was a wealthy man and he was offering me a chance to be beside "this wealthy man." So i'm like wtf is this dude lying or some shit. He was saying to me that i would be pretty dumb to pass "a chance like this" up because i'm gonna regret it in the future. I'm thinking to myself like damn is this dude like reading the future or something in the hell would he know if i'm gonna be broke in the future. Oh, and he said that one day i'm gonna want something and i'm not gonna be able to afford it and wish i woulda took that chance. I'm like who are you to say that i won't be living lavish in the future? How do you know that i'm not gonna have even more money than you? I was so shocked and insulted. He made it seem like women can't handle their own. Just because you're a man doesn't make you superior to me home skillet as far as i'm concerned you're not even on my level! Men can be soo stupid sometimes .. honestly.

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