Saturday, February 7, 2009

Unity and the Church?

Sometimes i get really confused. Soo many churches claim that they are all about unity and loving one another. They all claim that they're true christians blah blah blah. I don't know how much this applies to other churches in general but i'm just talking about my own experiences.

When i was just a little girl i used to go to church all the time. It was some huge hispanic pentecostal church who's name i won't mention. We were there for soo many years and yet we were never considered members of the church. I was too young to understand alot of things that were going on at the time but now remembering it all that church was crap. Honestly, almost all of the people in that church were hypocrites and looked down on the "members" of the church that weren't married and had kids. Who doesn't make mistakes in life right? Well, anyways, one day my mother had an encounter with God (i'm not gonna say in detail what it was) and when the whole church found out the ones who were always rude and didn't even ackowledge our existence suddenly new who we were and were coming up to us. Maybe about a week after that situation in their eyes we were nobodies once again. My brother is in a wheelchair (i will not discuss why at this moment) and we would always take him to church with us. One day some old bag came up to my mother with her stuck up wrinkled old face and said to her "do you wanna know why your son is in a wheelchair? it's because you fool around to much and you don't do what you're supposed to." (it might not have been in those exact words but it was along the lines of that) THE NERVE! People who are supposed to be christians being judgemental?! To this day i still can not believe it. To make an even longer story short, the pastor of this church was cheating on his wife with her sister on the low. YES, on the low. They even ran off to Puerto Rico together.. What a disgrace.

Now we were going to this church. Yes, another hispanic pentecostal church which we thought was completely different. The pastor and a few other members of this church used to go to the same one we went to but they left because of all the drama it had. We thought hey they seem really nice, maybe they're above all that crap. We thought wrong. You wouldn't even think that a very small church with only a few member could be such heartless people. Think again. When we first started going everything was peachy dandy and after a while, after we were considered "members" (there goes that word again) they started to "forget" picking us up. They NEVER appologized for it and acted like nothing was ever wrong. The pastor, some really tall fat guy that looks down on you, has something against me. They have a lot of visitors that wear very inappropriate things but he never says anything. I know what to wear to church and what not to wear but he has come up to me several times saying that i was dressed "too sexy." PLEASE! Some of their visitors wore mini skirts, and for wearing a tube top that covered everything except my arms i'm dressed to sexy?! yeah, sure. Not only that but after a while when they get another new member you're considered garbage. They gossip wayy to much and spread all your damn business and neglect members who aren't their "favorites."

Then after a while when they start losing members they wanna call you and act like they were always there for you when they weren't and they knew you were going through rough times. what bull crap.

For some reason, until proven wrong, i think that all hispanic pentecostal churches are pure crap. Don't get me wrong i love going to church and i do wanna better myself but that isn't the kind of church i wanna go to. Maybe it's just me, i don't know but either way i think alot of churches or just people in general need to check themselves because if they think that the world revolves around them and that they're invincible..think again.

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