Sunday, April 12, 2009

Whatever comes to mind.

So i’m kinda thinking i’ll do a vlog soon just because i haven’t done one ever and what good is a webcam or camera when you don’t use it, right? Plus, i get lazy sometimes so doing a vlog every now and then would be great for when i don’t feel like typing.

So happy Easter to probably only one person that happens to cross my blog which in reality is probably no one but ugh eventually i will have at least a few readers.. i hope. I kinda like the idea of someone commenting on my posts with their own personal opinions. I like hearing what people have to say, it’s interesting most of the time.

I made up with my best friend. I didn’t think i would but we talked it out and resolved the issues. I guess i kinda blew it out of proportion.. well just a little bit but i was really pissed at the situation so i guess maybe i just wasn’t thinking.

Things have really been going good with life lately. I still have some things that i don’t like about it but there will always be something that doesn’t really float your boat. These moments are probably the best i’ve had so far this year. We all kinda started new years off on the wrong foot so i’m glad that my whole year doesn’t have to be bad.

Oh i forgot to write about this the other day but i finally checked my sugar to see if i had diabetes or not. Even though it isn’t certain if i’ll have it in the future or not i definitely know that i don’t have it now. I’m really glad too because that effing needle left a bruise on my poor finger! It still hurts.. when i checked my sugar it was 85. It may have been just a tiny bit low cause i think the normal is like 90-120 it’s still not bad. It’s like what 5 points off so i’m not stressing about it.

I’m really mad at myself right now because i had at least one important thing that i wanted to say and i don’t remember.. damn.

I watched Marley & Me yesterday and OH MY GOSH! That movie is the saddest movie in the history of forever. Marley was so effing cute [SPOILER] and to think that he died the end of the movie was so sad.. i cried so hard and i looked like such a fool. If my dog were to leave me any time soon i would die..

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