Friday, March 27, 2009

"An opinion is like an ass hole.. everyone has one"

My brother's nurse said that today and i found it to be soo true! Not only that but just because somebody has an opinion doesn't mean it's right or that you have to agree with it. I don't know we were just talking to her today and a lot of the stuff she was saying about the United States of America was soo true. She's African btw.. A lot of people do not realize that the USA is not the most exciting thing in the world and a lot of people think it is. Sometimes they make it seem like other places in the world aren't as far along in technology and life as we are and that isn't true. Some people who have never been out of the US don't know this and probably never will. It's a shame.

Another thing that makes me mad is how people insult their own cultures or their own races because of their own ignorance. All black people are of african decent. All caucasian people come from somewhere else as well and i hate when hispanics hate on eachother. Hellooo stick together! we are already a minority, you give people more of a reason to hate us.

These things just really annoy me and i feel like that's the shit the US needs to work on.

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