Thursday, March 26, 2009

Officially official.

Yeah that title blows but whatever i couldn't think of anything yet again. Oh well, anywho i'm just sitting here not really doing too much except for thinking. I was testing out my webcam and i was looking at myself in it and i was soo disgusted! Idk i know they say that you are your toughest critic but damn. I just have these days sometimes where i don't like myself.. am i the only one?

This morning was horrible dad decided he wanted to start his bullshit again with my mom. I said a couple things but i really didn't get into it because i figured what happened had nothing to do with me so i just basically kept my mouth shut. It really pisses me off though when he acts the way he does. Always trying to insult people when no one does anything wrong to him. I mean after that huge ass arguement me and him had when my brother was in the hospital i tried to help him out, be there for him and all in all just be a better person but he still wasn't putting in his part. He would argue and rush me to prick his damn finger then would get mad when his sugar was high because he wouldn't listen to me so i stopped doing everything for him and my mom was forced to take over because he won't do it himself and he did the same thing to her that he did to me. I still find it unbelievable. Idk why he can't just be nice to people isn't that hard at all. He really needs to learn.

hmm, well i guess i don't really know what else to write. Nothing really exciting or funny happened except for the fact that my mom was snapping on everyone cause she was still pissed off at what happened with my dad lol.

lmfao! Omg i was watching speeders and they were showing a cup searching this guy and his pants were hanging low so the cop was feeling what he thought was the bottom of his stomach and he was like what's this? Dude was like "that's my penis" !! Sorry that was just too hilarious it was all ..small. LOL! okay i'm gonna stop.

Till next time..

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