Friday, March 13, 2009

It's been soo looooooooong!

Geez! I don't know why it's taken me this long to update my blog. Hmm, i think it's because of my ipod touch. Yes, i blame it on that! Ever since i got it for christmas i've abandoned my computer.. probably because it isn't a laptop and it isn't portable like i wish it was. But when i eventually do get my laptop i won't really have any exscuses so bleh.

Anyways i've FINALLY updated my myspace for the first time in like 15 YEARS!! I kid, it hasn't been that long but it feels like it. I just don't really talk to anybody on there so i don't really feel the need to update it 500 times a week like some other people tend to do. I'm just not soo into these social websites anymore.. am i the only one? I guess maybe i just don't have enough friends? LOL yeah it could be that but bleh what the hell am i supposed to do. I don't know why but i find that people just don't really like me like i wish they would. I could meet someone and have soo much in common with them but they will never know because they don't like me and only lord knows why. Plus, i'm still having that friendship problem. As i get older i lose more and more friends because as they get older they become shady ass people. Where the hell does that make sense? Well i don't know because i'm just as confused myself. I haven't really talked to any of my "friends" this week so i'm just thinking it's probably time for a new batch of friends no?

Ugh, speaking of this week.. it's been reckless! My dad had his laser eye surgery done on the left eye and he found out that he has sugar diabetes. Well, it really wasn't a surprise to me because me along with everyone else told him that he had it anyways he just never listened. Now every morning before he eats and two hours after dinner i have to prick him with that stupid glucometer or however you spell it. Yay me.. :/ I guess it's not so bad since he kinda got a rude awakening and hasn't been causing trouble so maybe it's for the better? I hope so anyways..

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