Monday, March 30, 2009

5 year old girl decapitated

I simply can not believe that a person would cut his own little sisters head off! What is this world coming to ..i mean the fact that something like this actually happened somewhere is just bananas. Supposedly this guy was pissed off because he got into a fight with some neighbor but is that any reason to kill two ..not one but two of his sisters! It’s a shame because if you can’t trust your own family who can you trust with your life.

I trust very few people and quote unquote family isn’t included. The only “family” that i trust is my mom, brother, and sometimes my dad. We’re still building our relationship back up so i can’t say i fully trust him yet. But to think that people just go ballistic and attack anyone they can get their hands on is just beyond me.

..damn i got a phone call and lost my train of thought. I basically said everything i needed to say anyway. I will make sure i do my part two post for Virtual Reality later on today or maybe tonight.

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