Wednesday, February 4, 2009

They Call Me Nerdy!

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This is like my millionth freakin' blog that i've made. Hopefully i like this one better than all the rest of them.

Anyways to make a long story short my brother is in the hospital because he has a really bad flu and he'll be in there for maybe 3 weeks. Ugh, it sucks like freakin' crazy! I have to cook dinner because my dad can't cook for squat, and i have to make sure the house stays clean and what not because he's not much of a neat person. It's whatever i guess but it gets really boring being in the house by my own damn self. I miss mommy & Tito! lol

Gosh, any freakin' ways i've been debating. I'm homeschooled and i do all of my school work and ish online and pretty soon i'll be in college starting my life. i have some money saved up that will be towards things i need for college and what not and one of those things is a laptop. There is this extremely cute laptop that i've had my big brown eyes on for a little while and it's all pink and it's adorably cute!
<-- It's called the Acer Aspire One. It comes in pink and it's called a Netbook because of the fact that it's extremely small and it's mainly maid for blogging, going on the internet, music, also school work and other ish like that. I think it's perfect because that's what i want it for! It doesn't have a cdrom drive or anything but i don't really need that because i don't use it. The main reason why i want this is because of the dang price. At walmart it's like $298 i think? Well, either way it's around that price because it's a mini laptop instead of a huge one. Plus it has a freakin' webcam and microphone built in! I do have a camera and i CAN make videos but it's so damn annoying cause i don't know how to upload shit on youtube cause it's soo damn difficult and this little laptop would make it easier. PLUS, it fits in basically all of my damn purses AND it's light weight so it won't feel like your carrying around a big old text book like other laptops. haha sorry i'm rambling like if this was a damn commercial but i'm soo freakin' excited cause i really want this lil thing. I've searched plenty of reviews for this lil thing being the good student that i am and it's perfect for school work and everything else i use my computer for AND it's affordable!? I'm pumped! lol Oh wait, just to add one more thing.. i don't have to sit in this uncomfortable chair anymore just to be on the computer. I can go anywhere with it cause it has wifi. Yay! well, anyways i really don't have much else to do or say at the moment. Hopefully i'll have something a little more exciting to write in the nexr post. Oh btw, my sissy poo lani got her drivers license today. I'm soo HAPPY for her!!

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