Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Old Post from here on out.

Okay i don’t really use this blog anymore but i just really need to vent. I’m just soo angry at the fact that you can live with someone in a house and they can just be a complete stranger to you. I just really don’t know. Yeah you may pay the larger bills (not all of them) but that’s all you do. You have a family living in this house that you do not support WHAT SO EVER! How can you sit there and demand food, drinks, soap, toothpaste etc. when you don’t even BUY IT! How dare you act like you have no cares in the world. How in the hell is it that you don’t buy anything in the house and STILL expect to eat breakfast, lunch, AND dinner! You get paid a large amount of money EVERY week yet you’re “BROKE”! WHAT THE HELL! Do you honestly think that we are DUMB! My mom only works weekends, gets paid once every two weeks and makes only a small portion that you make. She buys EVERYTHING and still has money and YOU always claim to be broke. We know you give your grown ass children money behind our back. Grown ass children who have their own family and their OWN CHILDREN AND SHOULD NOT BE NEEDING SUPPORT BECAUSE THEY ARE ALMOST IN THEIR FUCKING 30’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UGH! it’s more complicated than that but i just can’t even begin to explain.

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