Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Such an effing turn off!

I was texting this guy last night out of complete boredom and we’re just going back and forth like whatever he seemed okay. I was starting to get tired so i ended up falling asleep on our conversation or whatever you want to call it. I JUST remembered that i was talking to him so i checked to see if i got a new text and read it and it said “are you still woke” ..WTF! Sorry, but to me that is one of the most unattractive things like ever. This dude is supposed to be 19.. i mean what the hell were you doing in school while the rest of the class was learning past, present and future tense? I know i don’t talk perfectly and maybe i have a little accent or i talk a little slang-ish but i do know and speak proper english. Obviously he isn’t on planning on going to college and if he is (i never got to ask) i hope the word awake or in his vocabulary “woke” doesn’t show up in any of his essays or term papers or whatever.

Maybe i’m over-reacting or making this into a big deal when it’s not but i don’t think all of the improper ghetto-ish talk is attractive but girls around here do. I even know someone who talk improper on purpose because they think it’s cute.. they have major problems.

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