Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm Feeling so good, i knew that i would. Been takin' care of myself like i should.

Today was such a good day for me. Despite the fact that i've been going through so much this past week and that today's weather wasn't soo good i had a great day. I really feel proud of myself for not saying something when i had the chance to. It makes me feel like i'm being tested in life to see how i react and i'm doing pretty darn good. Usually when i hear my dad saying something about me i would just go ballistic and say whatever came to the top of my head. Sometimes i would regret it because, well it doesn't seem to reflect my personality sometimes. It also doesn't show that i'm very mature. I have to grow in some areas and change some things around in my life and for once i actually feel like i'm able to control what goes on in my life. I have money now so that i can actually get my license finally! I'm really excited about it and i know that i can do it. I have faith in myself. I know that wen it comes to going to college my mom and my neighbor, who is like a grandmother to me, supports me 100%. As long as i have them and my brother in my life that's all i need to pull through. I finally feel like i can make my own decisions and not worry about if someone is gonna get mad or not. I'm being tested to see wether or not i will be able to make it on my own and i know now that i can and will.

Right now i feel like i'm at peace with myself. Like i have nothing to worry about because everything will work out in my favor. These past few days i have just been doing alot of self healing. Cleansing myself and just keeping myself away from all the negativity. I haven't been worrying about anything that's been going on like i usually do and i've just been working on a new me. I've realized who i consider to be best friends and who i consider to be just friends. Although i still haven't figured out what i wanna go to college for i still have about a year to do so.

What i'm gonna do is just work hard and study hard. Do plenty of research on professions and other things that i would be interested in. I really wanna get my life on track and this is the time that i need to start.

I'm determined..

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